Skousen Law, APC

Skousen Law is your “go to” law firm in these difficult times. We’ve been around almost fifty years and we intend to be around another fifty years. We represent individuals, and small, medium, and large companies. We have experts and specialists in real estate, intellectual property, including trademarks and copyrights, litigation, venture and technology, and estate planning.

In the real estate market today, foreclosures and bad news dominate the headlines. Bank failures are causing a cascade of foreclosures. If you want to save your real estate and avoid foreclosure we can help! We help individuals and companies restructure their real estate portfolios and avoid foreclosure. We help you avoid foreclosure and save your real estate by aggressively negotiating with lenders, and if necessary, by initiating litigation.

In the trademark arena, we aggressively protect the value of your trademark by guarding against infringement. We have extensive experience in dealing with the trademark office and getting your trademark approved. If you receive an office action letter we can help you overcome the objections and get your trademark approved. We also monitor trademark portfolios to protect against infringement.

Skousen Law also has extensive trial experience with its personnel having tried to verdict more than 40 jury trials. This jury trial experience allows us settle litigation much more easily because of the confidence of being able to go trial, if necessary.

Our law firm serves clients throughout Southern California and beyond. To schedule a free 15 minute consultation, please contact us online, or call us at (909)307-1200. In-office consultations and in-depth telephone consultations are available for a $150 consultation fee.

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